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Steve Henry and Actoris Consulting has helped our company with Daylite-related issues from installation to custom report-building.  I was not asked to write a referral for Steve, but feel that his knowledge and professionalism is worth this small gesture. He is thorough, thinks outside the box and is generous with his time and support, regardless of whether or not he makes any money by answering our calls and questions! For anything relating to our CRM system or Mac's in general, Steve is not only a wealth of knowledge, he is honest and a true pleasure to work with. I recommend him to businesses large and small, without hesitation and will continue to do so.

Jon Hamby
President  |  Tenant Strategies

RED STRATEGIES | Real Estate Decisions
624 Broadway Suite 401, San Diego, CA 92101
tel  619.796.6733  |  dir 619.800.1733  |  cell  619.881.7875

Steve Henry is not just a master IT consultant and CRM expert - he is like a technological partner to your business. What Steve brings to the table is both the technical knowledge to solve your pressing issues but more importantly an insight into how to use technology to make your company faster, more efferent and more profitable. 

Jerry Del Colliano
Publisher - CEO

We started using Daylite several years ago after testing just about every project management and CRM we could find. And it worked! Since then, we have built our business with it. It has become the central nervous system of our company. We have worked with 2 other ‘so called’ Daylite experts and it was a frustrating experience, to say the least. When we finally connected with Steve Henry, we finally got on track. Steve is pragmatic and to the point. He thinks ahead and acts proactively. He has saved us so many times by helping us avoid critical mistakes. And he saves our time by tailoring his service around how we operate, being as efficient as possible. We are sticking with Steve and Daylite! Frankly we were happy with Daylite 3. But with Daylite 4, everything is just more intuitive and faster. So we are even happier!


619-770-1993 x 101
S2L International, Inc
Sammy James

Other Reviews

"CRM Problem Solving and Training"
Outstanding resource for CRM training and problem-solving. I've used other consultants and Steve is definitely the most efficient and effective resource. He will respond immediately and his interface by phone is quick and easy. I have a small business use of this database software and find Steve can provide everything we need at the most reasonable rate.

"Actoris Consulting has done an outstanding job helping our company for the past 4 years"
Actoris Consulting helped us transition from PC's to Mac's over 4 years ago and they continue to help us with Daylite and additional software/hardware questions today. I highly recommend this company for friendly and helpful service. Actoris Consulting is very knowledge, prompt, and has always made sure there is a resolution to our computer issue. When Actoris trained our employees, they were patient and walked us through our intricate database structure. Actoris Consulting has always gone above and beyond to make sure our company is happy with the results.

"Wonderful service with great hospitality and immediate support"
Steve Henry the technology consultant with Actoris Consulting has helped wonders with my business. Not only did he eliminate the learning curve for the database management program, Daylite 3, but he has solved countless network issues and bring us back to life with Daylite. Every time we've had a question regarding Daylite and even Apple computer issues, Steve and his team have been there on the other end of the line ready to answer our questions, share screens so they can see whats going on directly and utilizing a high professional quality of service. Our business has grown 50% more than last year because of the Daylite integration we use on a daily basis while still moving forward and learning new ways to bring everything together with Daylite.

"Actoris Consulting/Steve Henry --Amazing!"
I have worked with Steve for the last 3 years. His expertise is unmatched. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, but he is simply not satisfied until you are comfortable. He is my ongoing IT go to guy. Whether it is integrating an entire database or general Apple issues he is always responsive --usually within minutes to either immediately fix an issue or schedule a time do do so. With the tools and training he has provided me, my job has become more fun because I am no longer frustrated by technology issues.

"Steve does a very good job"
Steve has been extremely helpful in setting up our Mac network and offsite back up program. He was very responsive and helpful with day light and mac installations, purchase recommendation and ongoing IT support. I would recommend him for any of these services.

"There is no one better than Steve at Actoris Consulting"
Steve is a Daylite specialist and helped me implement throughout my offices. I'm up and running with everything communicating - desktop to laptop to iPhone to iPad . His follow up and trouble shooting skills are best in the business and there is absolutely nothing he cant solve as it relates to Daylite.

"An IT guy who gets it"
I met Steve a few ago, through a referral from MarketCircle software, makers of Daylite software. (It's a powerful program, and with great power comes great responsibility). I hired Steve to help train me, and get me productive with the software ASAP. He did that, and much more. Two years have since gone by, and Steve continues to help me be productive, not just with Daylite, but with all the little IT details involved in running a small business. He is resourceful, responsive, and practical. I highly recommend him.

"Excellent Service"
Steve Henry has great knowledge and is very quick to respond to every email and call. I highly recommend his services.

"Patient and Knowledgable"
I've had the need to hire consultants on many occasions to shore up my weaknesses related to Information Technology. I am a business owner with an appreciation of IT's benefits but not near enough expertise to fully exploit ANYTHING. Steve has been extremely helpful in getting me over the hump. He is patient enough to hear me out and works with me to fully understand my needs. That, in and of itself, is nice but without Steve's vast knowledge, would not result in solutions. I get solutions from Steve. I would add that on those occasions where Steve doesn't know the answer to a challenge I have, he promises to find the answer and he does, in a timely manner. I highly recommend his services!

"Excellent! Professional, Knowledgable and Fair"
Steve at Actoris has been helping our firm sort out various IT issues for almost 4 years. He is quick to respond, extremely knowledgable, and very fair with his time. He has delivered time and time again and we are grateful to have him as a resource we can turn to. I have recommended him to several of our clients and will continue to do so in the future. He is trustworthy and genuinely looks out for his clients/customers and ensures that the time he spends is only on things that are most valuable at that time. He is a consummate professional.

"The 'Tony Robbins' of Apple IT Consultants....He fixes all things!"
It is with sincere pleasure that I write a review for Steve Henry @ Actoris Consulting. Steve is a pleasure to work with . He comes with years of absolute expertise & enthusiasm for technology and more. Steve works from a very holistic approach. He cares deeply for his clients support needs and takes their business potentials one step further by educating/training us how things could run more efficiently, and what can be left behind. He listens to find out what our goals are and where any frustrations lie. Steve understands the optimal speed with which businesses needs to flow, equalling more time for productivity and creativity. He is the best decision I've ever made and has lead to my growing confidence in business.

"Steve Henry is my most trusted IT and CRM consultant"
Steve Henry is one of the most insightful, forward thinking IT people that I have met in my 16 years as a "dotcom CEO". He has patience to deal with low tech people (like my Mom from 3000 miles away) as well as the high level skills to solve tough problems. He has a project management and always has an eye on using technology to help the client make more money. His follow up is top notch. I simply couldn't recommend Steve more highly.