Daylite CRM Consulting Services

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System Review
If you are already using Daylite CRM, and want to take further advantage of Daylite’s many capabilities, we can help. Actoris can conduct a Daylite Review and provide you with comprehensive recommendations on how you can refine how you are currently using Daylite, as well as opportunities to take advantage of other functionality that Daylite has to offer to increase your productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Needs Analysis
If your current CRM system is not meeting your needs, let Actoris Consulting develop a detailed evaluation of your needs. After understanding your needs, we can provide a personalized demonstration of Daylite and how it might fit in your company.

System Selection
Actoris can help you conduct an evaluation process to insure you identify the best system for your organization. We have strong experience in systems evaluation and selection. Starting with discovery in the various areas of your business, we can help you prepare a Requirements Document that will insure a successful selection of a system to meet your organizations needs.

Business Process Review & Reengineering
Learning how Daylite works is really only part of the process. Significant benefits can be enjoyed by taking time to document, refine and integrate your business processes with your business systems. Actoris can help you with a roadmap to get this done, or take care of it for you.

Sales Best Practices
One of our favorite areas of focus is the Opportunities module. Combining a well configured Opportunity module with best practices that we have developed over many years of working with a wide variety of businesses, we are confident we can help you improve your closing ratio and increase your revenue. We can show you how.

Daylite Implementations

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Our technology team has extensive experience in enterprise systems needs evaluations, and with implementing, training and supporting Daylite. You can count on Actoris Consulting to provide a solid implementation plan, expert advice and effective training to get up and running with your business software solution on schedule and within budget.
There is a temptation with software to think that you can do it all yourself - just log in, configure, and have your business up and running on the new software before you know it. It's easy, right? But the simple fact of the matter is that the human component of most software implementations is by far the most important. Developing and following a solid project plan, with strong buy in from management, and strong leadership of the overall project effort is critical. We can make this happen. We have hundreds of times.

Daylite Training

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Actoris offers both remote, and on site training, depending on the needs of your organization. Our personalized training doesn't just teach you how Daylite works. We leverage our experience along with our understanding of your organization's needs to help you best use your Daylite system.

Having sharp people is certainly important, and value. And having the right system is very important. But don't ignore the huge benefits you can enjoy with customized training that allows the best integration of your people and Daylite.
This can be the secret sauce that can help you achieve your organizations business objectives.

Daylite Support

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Combining our knowledge of Daylite with our working relationship with your organization allows us to provide a level of support that can greatelycontribute to your success. We can offer on demand support, or set up a monthly support plan to best meet your needs.

Let Us Be Your Daylite Partner

We are a certified Daylite Expert, certified by Market Circle, the developer of Daylite. Over the past 10 years we have helped more than 150 organizations implement and use Daylite in a wide variety of industries. Our passion is helping companies achieve their goals through the use of effectively implemented and used business systems.

We are ready to put our expertise and passion to work for you.
Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation to review your goals and needs and how Actoris Consulting can support you.

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